Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Woven Dobby Designs

A few of my hand woven dobby textiles, I have always loved experimental designs, fusing traditional techniques and creating new and innovative designs through the endless mixture of yarns and structures. The textiles featured have a dynamic mixture of texture, colour and pattern.They are all available as a range of interior accessories and /or woven lengths, new designs can be made to commission, if your interested please don't hesitate to get in-touch.

fabric 1 Piqué structure
using coloured wools and gold Madeira thread.
fabric 2 Plain weave
using coloured wools and gold Madeira thread.
fabric 3
This is an example of woven copper, the wire was woven as a plain weave and sateen in sections, afterwards it was oxidized by hand.
fabric 4
Experimenting with twill structures, warp and weft are both 60/2 silk
fabric 5
Double cloth pocket sections using monofilament, wool and cotton. This fabric was produced back in the day when i was a student, colour inspiration came from the sea and marine life.

fabric 6
This is an example of double cloth pleats woven with fine copper wire and 60/2 silk.
fabric 7
Example of an Overshot structure using Baruffa wool, rayon, madeira and synthetic yarns.
fabric 8
fabric 9
Overshot sections.
fabric 10
More pleats. This fabric was originally made into cushions. They were sold to The National Trust for Scotland, Hutcheson Hall, Glasgow.
fabric 11
White Baruffa wool and a black synthetic yarn.

Monday, 25 May 2009